Atlantis Learning Center cultivates children’s intellectual abilities, social skills, and respect for the natural world needed for creative and compassionate citizenship in the global community.


 Workshop Program, Atlantis offers hands on activities for the children in a diverse learning environment studying art, music, gardening and more.  Our multidisciplinary team of professionals and educators guides the workshop. The program is highly individualized and designed to meet individual needs. This type of work is appropriate to all children different capabilities, and can be done in an inclusive learning environment!

We promote a 100% green and natural life style that has been proven to enhance our children’s development and enable them to reach their highest levels of performance. Together our students, parents and team of educators work together to promote a holistic, healthy community.

What is ALC

Atlantis Objectives

Educational Activities

Teach prevention and health promotion as an essential component of services delivered to the patient and the community.

Health Promotion

Monitor each patient’s profile carefully and adapt a plan to enhance the patient’s optimal functioning and performance so they may live healthfully and surround themselves with positive thoughts.

    Customized programs

    Supervise and ensure each patient has the proper rehabilitation program.

    Prevention and control

    Plan individual programs with the patient and the family to prevent and control any further insult or harm to each patient and raise their self-awareness

    Executive Director

    Hanan Ayoub, M.D., M.P.H

    Board of Directors

    Hanan Ayoub, M.D., M.P.H – Environmental Medicine Physician, CEO of ACI & ALC program

    Ahmed Fadil, M.D.– Specializes in Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine, Medical Director of Northeast Insomnia and Sleep Medicine, and Staten Island Physician Practice, Sleep Center & CEO of ACI

    Tom Dichiara– Attorney

    Hazem Shahin, M.D.- MBA Healthcare Management

    Samia Khalil, M.D.- Anesthesiology

    Hassan Fadil– Engineer

    Jaunta Roman, RN, MBA- Formally Director of Herman, Memorial Hospital & Manager of Atlantis Healthcare & ACI Projects


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    When my husband and I started looking into special education tutoring services for our daughter, we were nervous. We knew it would be difficult to find a place where we could feel that her unique learning style could be met.

    Social acceptance is a huge part of our challenged child’s life, so it is important for our daughter to be strongly accepted for her unique differences that a good tutoring program not only affects her academic achievements but also maintain her mental health, behavior and mood. When children begin their lives with well prepared positive social environment, they are more likely to be mentally healthy adults. We couldn’t be happier to have found ALC tutoring services, they believe just as we do, that great mental health is the base for everything including a kind social support .

    Once we met with Dr. Hanan Ayoub, we were completely at ease. She was very generous and kind. We visited Atlantis  and the play yard, and watched as our daughter took part in one of their Waves of Equality events . What a pleasant and integrated learning environment. We are thrilled to be part of this wonderful community and only hope for  its  success!

    ~ Nancy. A, Morris County , NJ

    We enrolled our child at ALC tutoring program and we are very happy with everything. Atlantis team supports our believes in a healthy lifestyle and learning environment.
    The program offers comprehensive nutrition program based on our child’s unique health needs.
    The education that the tutoring program provides, builds to which is important for our child’s learning style! The program is also led by certified holistic practitioners  and the owner, who is a MD supports holistic living and alternative education. We always receive very constructive feedback about our child from the staff.
    We feel very fortunate to be part of this holistic community and I hope more people with similar desires will find out about it.
    ~ Mellisa C., Monmouth County, NJ