Atlantis Workshops

Workshops designed for students and parents!

Parents & students workshop: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Led by expert health professionals, therapists, and progressive Educators. Learn how to conduct our programs at your home!

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14 Tindall Rd, Middletown, NJ 07748

Tutoring Program

A Customized Learning Environment for Teens and Parents!

Featuring Montessori Tutoring Center, sessions full of creativity, music, dance & somatic movements, nutrition, green lifestyle, and holistic social skills coaching.

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14 Tindall Rd, Middletown, NJ 07748

Eligibility for Scholarship

Health Professionals Training Program

A limited number of students (5), so save your place! 

Atlantis offers 2019 Live CEU and training in environmental and integrative medical therapies. The program offers CEUs accredited by IACET. Certificate Credit hours provided varies in each Atlantis Health Professional Training Course.

More Details for Program Starting March 1, 2019

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The objective of each workshop is to help parents help their challenged  teen reach his or her highest potential. The workshop’s objective is to create a better learning environment by individualizing the program to suit the age and specific needs of each individual. Options include speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, language, math, art, music and movement.


Atlantis Learning Center Program for Individual-at-Risk

At Atlantis Learning Center, we believe in the humans potentials. In an effort to support human growth and potentaility we established many interventional programs that promote humans achievement  among their supportive  and involoved community. Maria Montessori understood that humans are curious by nature, have a deep capacity to learn and with her work discoveries, we stand on the shoulders of gaints.

Our dedicated health care professionals, parent support groups and the team of educators, work together to promote a holistic, healthy community. ALC therapists screen, support and individualize the programs for students with a variety of suspected learning difficulties and disorders. The prevention of mental disorders in school-aged individuals is extremely important. Defined as an “At Risk Individuals,” Atlantis Learning Center works with the individual that will benefit from the environmental intervention programs and are designed empower their highest capabilities.

Students with learning processing dysfunction, are at risk for other possible learning disorders such as:

  • anxiety and mood disorders
  • inattention disorders
  • hyperactivity disorders
  • gross motor/physical developmental delays
  • fine motor delays and impairments (handwriting)
  • dyslexia (written language disorder)
  • communication or oral language disorders
  • nonverbal learning disabilities
  • autism spectrum disorder

About ALC

Atlantis Learning Center Philosophy

The Atlantis Learning Center was founded upon the educational program that encourages self-directed learning and independence with special attention given to living in harmony with nature. We care about promoting a healthy, holistic environment with one-on-one tutoring or group tutoring.

The ALC facility offers outdoor recreation in a private playground and garden. With our focus on self-directed learning, artistic expression, a natural environment, and a multi-cultural curriculum, we are creating a new path for students to become future leaders of a global society. Join us on the journey!



Art enables individuals to be critical, innovative thinkers, to problem solve, to communicate, create, and experiment. It is important to nurture and support the creative minds of humans, in order to allow their ideas and imaginations to grow.



Our music program develops skills such as rhythm, melody, harmony, and critical listening. Special attention is paid to musical styles of cultures worldwide. Emphasis is placed on self-expression and joy.



The physical education program is designed to enhance skills such as balance and coordination, while at the same time aiding social development through integrative activities and group games emphasizing cooperation.



Students get introduced to the languages with music and play as they enjoy singing, chanting, dancing, and playing simple instruments to learn age-appropriate vocabulary around their preschool life.