Waves of Equality is a non-profit organization under Atlantis Centers Inc. Together (WE and ACI) work towards one mission, that is compromised of equality and knowledge. In conjunction they strive to remove the stigma of “mentally challenged individuals” and provide equal opportunity to these individuals to be apart of a healthy community by using research and integrative alternative education. A system propelled by a 100% green and natural life style that has been proven to enhance our children’s development and enable them to reach their highest levels of performance. Together our student members, parent support groups, volunteers, and team of educators work together to promote a holistic, healthy community.

Waves of Equality ( WE ) is comprised of students supported by their school in Tinton Falls NJ.

Most of the time mentally challenged children or even kids with OCD, ADHD, Down Syndrome and others are left behind treated like there not even humans.  What happened to the saying “Never leave an injured soldier behind.” It’s just like saying never leave a mentally affected child behind. Due to a syndrome that  affects the brain’s regular development of communication and social skills.

Most people, adults and children have the mindset  that mentally challenged children are not normal. Some people who are truly unaware of the reality of mentally challenged child lack an understanding of its true definition. Most people think that “autistic” children are mentally retarded although they are not they are just mentally challenged. As a group we wanted to let our community know that .


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