Atlantis Healthcare Group’s objectives are built on achieving health for the mind body and soul.  Which is why our practice is more than just a Doctors Office. We believe in order to provide you with the ultimate care you must be knowledgeable of your body and what it is telling you through your symptoms. Through our individualized care we help every patient attain a healthy and optimal lifestyle. In doing so we evolved our practice into a multifaceted center where patients can benefit from our wellness therapies and educational programs.

Dr. Hanan Ayoub and Dr. Fadil are strongly believe that every individual deserves equal opportunity to a  healthy and happy lifestyle despite the challenges the individual may face. This commitment has lead to their strong involvement and contribution to Waves of Equality a non profit organization. Together the organizations work towards one mission, that is compromised of equality and knowledge. In conjunction they strive to remove the stigma of “mentally challenged individuals” and provide equal opportunity to these individuals to be apart of a healthy community by using research and integrative alternative education.

Through Atlantis Centers Inc. an educational center for the next generation – our children. Programs within atlantis centers aim to balance our children’s positive psychological, physiological, and overall health and well-being  all of which are essential for children to thrive academically and in their day-to-day lives. All of our programs are conducted within a natural and safe environment.

 The hallmark of our programs is a collaborative effort between our community leaders, parents, health professionals, and medical researchers focused on alternative health care.

Safe environment

Assure that patients receive the highest quality of care in the safest environment

Educational activities

Teach prevention and health promotion as an essential component of services delivered to the patient and the community

Health promotion

Monitor each patient’s profile carefully and adapt a plan to enhance the patient’s optimal functioning and performance so they may live healthfully and surround themselves with positive thoughts

Health care consultants

Work with small businesses to promote employees’ overall health

Customized programs

Supervise and ensure each patient has the proper rehabilitation program

Prevention and control

Plan individual programs with the patient and the family to prevent and control any further insult or harm to each patient and raise their self-awareness

“We do not wait for hope; we leap for it, and bring it into reality.”

We use the “Three C’s” to create a mutually beneficial relationship among our staff, parents, patients, and community members:


Our combined experience assures us that all children have the chance to recover by using Atlantis’s “Three R’s”:



    • Multi-specialty consultation: collaborative work between Atlantis Centers, Inc., Atlantis Healthcare Group, as well as your health care provider complements your conventional medical program
    • Provider – caregiver – parent – child training programs: an introduction to the next step of rehabilitation, or rehab, as we call it. A total of 50 credit hours are required for certification. Re-certification is required.
    • Naturopathic medicine: provided by AHCG


    • Child screening and full environmental evaluation: AHCG provides screenings and evaluations for one week, which is the basis of the complete homecare rehabilitation program
    • Empowering parents program: we believe that parents have the best knowledge and understanding of their child’s day-to-day challenges, and thus are best equipped to direct their care


    • Community outreach and awareness program
    • Continuing Medical Education (CME) for professional members and parents
    • Annual conferences and renowned researchers
    • Biannual celebration and graduation for children who participated in our “rehab” program
    • Atlantis Centers School (ACS) employing state-of-the-art trained teachers and providing the basic life skills for all children ages 3 to 12 in a nurturing and rich environment