Are you suffering from a form of chronic disease and illness? If you feel as if you are constantly trying to control the symptoms of your illness but find no sign of the cause ? It may be time for a sleep study. Many doctors scratch the surface of chronic illness and disease by diagnosing your symptoms. Many times chronic illness can be a a result of a sleep disorder. The only way to know what the root of your chronic disease will be with a personalized sleep study. At Atlantis Healthcare Group all of our studies are done in house at our state of the art sleep clinic. You can sleep at ease in our spacious sleep rooms, with all the amenities you can ask for.

Sleep is vital for a healthy and productive life. Like other health aliments our body will give us signals for when we are not sleeping properly. Are you aware of the symptoms and signs of a sleep disorder?

Left untreated sleep orders can lead to the following:

– High blood pressure Heart attack
– Stroke
– Irregular heart beat
– Excessive daytime fatigue
– Poor memoryWeight gain
– Decreased sexual drive

Dr. Ahmed Fadil is a board-certified physician specializing in internal and pulmonary medicine; sleep disorders, and critical care. He has helped thousands of patients recover and live healthier lives for over 20 years. He heads the Sleep Disorder Clinic, diagnoses and treats chronic diseases such as sleep apnea and emphysema, and offers counseling to achieve a balanced lifestyle.

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Video - Are You Sleeping Well with Dr. Fadil

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