Chronic Childhood Disease and Illness

We are seeing a rise in chronic childhood disease and illness in our children, suffering from asthma, learning and developmental disabilities, autism, and more. Increasing scientific evidence points to environmental causes for most of these childhood diseases and disabilities. Many people are not aware of how the industrial system triggers many diseases and how to prevent them.

Our personal experience with our patients and loved ones indicates that conventional medicine is not the only answer for our patients’ needs. Striving to make a difference in our patients’ lives, we were inspired to establish a center dedicated to providing comprehensive educational and collaborative support to offer both conventional and alternative health services.GroupKids

Atlantis Learning Center is the first of its kind to offer training for health professionals and parents in holistic and alternative health care in a multidisciplinary center in Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey.

ALC’s integrated holistic center is staffed by highly trained health care professionals. ALC was established to offer both conventional and alternative health services and education to help families and children establish and maintain a natural, healthy lifestyle. That might include nutrition guidance to identify foods to avoid with preservatives, unnatural food color, and antibiotics; or holistic ways to cleanse the system, improve sleep, and more.

The Atlantis Learning Center supports ongoing research at Atlantis Centers, Inc., into alternative education and how a 100% green and natural life style can enhance our children’s development and enable them to reach their highest levels of human performance. Our dedicated parent support groups and team of educators work together to promote a holistic, healthy community.

With respect and hope,

Dr. Hanan Ayoub 
Founder of Atlantis Centers, Inc.